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Say goodbye to manual tasks and hello to automation!

Automate your routine business tasks with loopsACCOUNTING, like data entry and accounting, giving you more time to focus on what truly matters. Leave the tedious work to us and free up your schedule for important tasks.

Real-time Analytics:

Make informed decisions with confidence. We provide you with real-time financial information, empowering everyone in your organization, from owners to managers, to make better decisions. Stay ahead of the game and seize opportunities as they arise.

It’s more than Easy

Manage everything about your business with a single click. Easily manage your finances with loopsACCOUNTING-Track expenses, personalise invoices, generate reports, and so much more from one convenient place.

Save time, save money!

loopsACCOUNTING automates manual tasks and calculations. Boost the accuracy of your workforce while reducing the chances of human error. Enjoy the benefits of improved efficiency without breaking the bank.

Teamwork makes the dream work!

loopsACCOUNTING allows multiple employees to view financial information and work on it simultaneously through an integrated finance module. The all-new cloud accounting software solution enables you to Experience seamless collaboration across your team and enhance your organization's teamwork and communication.

Come and Grow with us!

We're here to support your business throughout the journey. With loopsACCOUNTING, you have the freedom to adapt to changes and meet all your evolving requirements. Embrace the future with confidence.

What Can loopsACCOUNTING Do for You?

Invoicing Simplified:

Streamline your invoicing process with ease. loopsACCOUNTING provides you with pre-built custom templates to create and send professional invoices. Say goodbye to complicated and time-consuming invoicing tasks.

Your data, your rules!

Rest easy knowing your data is secure with the advanced cloud accounting software. Our data security tools enable you to control who can access your information, allowing you to provide access only to those who need it.

Integration Made Easy:

No more redundant systems! loopsACCOUNTING, the ultimate cloud accounting software seamlessly integrates with anything and everything, saving you time and effort. Get up and running with the full system in no time.

Centralized Control Made Simple

Say goodbye to juggling between multiple departments and locations. loopsACCOUNTING enables you to handle all branches' finances from a single dashboard with ease. Simplify your Financial management.

Keep your cheques in check!

Say goodbye to scattered cheque management. With loopsACCOUNTING, you can print and manage cheques with custom templates in one place, with the flexibility to make changes as needed.

Effortless Transaction Management

No more confusion during reconciliation. loopsACCOUNTING provides flexible tools for onboarding and efficient transaction management, even when dealing with a large volume of transactions. Streamlined transaction management is made possible with cutting-edge cloud accounting software solutions.

Automated Bookkeeping:

Simplify your bookkeeping process with automation. loopsACCOUNTING automates transactions, saving you time and improving efficiency. Say goodbye to manual entries and hello to effortless bookkeeping.

Bulk Payment:

Handle multiple bills and payments in real-time with loopsACCOUNTING's Bulk Payments tool. Say goodbye to payment chaos and streamline your financial operations.

Convenient Document Manager

Keep everything organized and accessible. Store and manage all your documents in one place with our convenient cloud accounting software. Share your documents effortlessly and keep your activities on the go.

Make it your own!

Customize loopsACCOUNTING to fit your unique needs and workflows. We believe in providing you with a highly customizable platform that adapts to your way of doing things.

Access from Anywhere, Anytime:

Freedom to work from anywhere! Access your financial information in the cloud with just an internet connection. Collaborate effortlessly and enjoy the flexibility of remote work made possible with the versatile cloud accounting software solution.

Simplify Tax Requirements:

Stay compliant with tax laws and regulations effortlessly. loopsACCOUNTING helps you navigate tax requirements, reducing the likelihood of fines and fees. Focus on your business, and we'll take care of the tax side.


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Unveiling our journey: The path to becoming the best Accounting software in UAE

Our Story

We are a dynamic and passionate group of entrepreneurs with over 14 years of industry experience. We started as a brand called F2C, focusing on managing Facility Services and maintenance. Over time, we expanded our offerings to include Contracting, Interiors, IT Solutions, Trading, and Restaurants. Our overarching goal is to provide excellent service across all our endeavors, with a strong commitment to client satisfaction.

Our Vision

We aim to offer affordable solutions that prioritize user-friendliness. Our journey into software began with loopsACCOUNTING, a robust accounting software, and loopsERP, one of the best ERP softwares in UAE. Our primary focus is to develop software solutions that are straightforward and accessible to both novice and experienced users.

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Got questions? We've got answers.

There is no Income Tax in the UAE. However, there is a Corporate Tax system and therefore people who possess sizable enterprises in UAE may require the services of an accountant to file the tax returns pertaining to the law.

It is the procedure of documenting, evaluating, categorizing, and authenticating monetary data. Furthermore, accounting enables you to determine where your business capital has been utilized, and you can determine the worth and type of your company's debts. Every enterprise operating in the UAE is required to implement the IFRS system.

It is compulsory for businesses operating in the mainland UAE to conduct an audit of their financial accounts. Companies in the UAE must maintain their financial records for a minimum of five years. Nevertheless, companies located in free zones are not necessarily required to undergo an audit and therefore are not obligated to provide an audit report.

In UAE, the corporate tax is computed at 9% of the net income reflected in the financial statements of the company. The imposition of the 9% corporate tax will only happen if the taxable net profit surpasses 375,000 AED. In fact, the net profit of up to 3,75,000 AED is not subject to any tax.

The overall value-added tax (VAT) is set at 5% and is applicable to the majority of products and services. However, certain products and services are subject to a 0% rate or are exempt from VAT (provided that specific criteria are met).

The Central Bank of UAE mandates that all banks in the United Arab Emirates disclose financial statements based on IFRS. While IFRS is not obligatory for unlisted companies outside the banking sector, it is advisable for these firms to implement IFRSs as a recommended practice.

The demand for accountants and auditors is expected to increase by 6% from 2021 until 2031. There will be an average of 136,400 job opportunities available for accountants and auditors annually during this decade.

At present, there is no imposition of personal income tax on salaries in the United Arab Emirates. Therefore, there are no requirements for individuals to register or report their taxes.

If a company's Taxable Income remains below AED 375,000, it will not be subject to any Corporate Tax. However, if the Taxable Income surpasses AED 375,000, the Corporate Tax will be levied at a rate of 9% on the excess amount.

Dubai is a landmass that does not have any of its own production. With the exception of oil, every other item in Dubai has been brought in from abroad. The majority of these imports are also not subject to any taxes. However, certain imports that are inconsistent with local Islamic laws are subject to high taxes.

Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) is responsible for registering and approving Recognized Auditors who can conduct audits and prepare reports on the accounts of regulated DIFC entities. To become a registered auditor with DFSA, you can visit their official website.