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What We Offer
Purchase Requisition and Order Management

Permits users to generate and submit purchase requisitions,specifying the items,quantities and necessary delivery dates.The system can further enable the creation,approval and tracking of purchase orders, including order modifications,receiving goods and invoicing.

Vendor Management

Fecilitates the control of vendor information,like contact details,performance evaluations and contract terms.It also manages Request for Information and Request for Proposal to gather information from potential suppliers and solicit detailed proposals from suppliers respectively. Moreover, the system conducts and streamline online auctions,pricing negotiations and approval for the vendor management.

Supplier Portal and Inventory Management

Offers a platform for vendors to interact with the procurement system,access purchase orders,submit bids and update their information.It can also track and manage inventory levels,provides visibility into stock availability and supports automated stock replenishment.

Contract,Sourcing and RFx Management

Manages the creation,monitoring and tracking of contracts with suppliers,including terms,pricing and renewal dates.Streamlines the supplier selection selection process by managing requests for information (RFIs),requests for proposal (RFPs) and request for quotations (RFQs).Besides,it evaluates and tracks supplier performance based on predefined metrics,including on-time delivery,quality and customer staisfaction.

Spend Analysis and Invoice Management

Offers insights into procurement spending patterns,identifies cost-saving opportunities, and supports strategic decision-making. Automates the processing of invoice, matches invoices with purchase orders, verifies accuracy, and facilitates payment approval. Streamline invoice approvals with customizable workflows.

Reporting and Analytics

Generates customizable reports and dashboards to monitor procurement performance, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions. Monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) and visualize procurement data through customizable dashboards.

Integration with Financial Systems

Seamlessly integrates with the organization's financial systems, such as general ledger and accounts payable, to ensure accurate and efficient financial management. Provides flexibility to adapt and scale the software according to evolving business needs and processes.

Workflow Automation and Mobile Access

Automates various procurement processes, including approvals, notifications, and document routing, to improve efficiency and reduce manual effort. Provides mobile-friendly interfaces or dedicated mobile apps, enabling users to access the procurement system on the go and facilitate remote working.

Compliance and Risk Management

Enforces compliance with procurement policies,regulations, and industry standards and manages supplier risk assessment and mitigation. Maintain a complete audit trail of procurement activities and store relevant documents.

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Our Modules

Inventory Management

Our Procurement ERP platform helps you organize your warehouse beginning with creating and maintaining the list of products.Facilitates listing and rearranging the products in the warehouses and transferring products between warehouses.

Vendor Management

Vendor management plays a crucial role in procurement. Our ERP platform has dedicated vendor management features that can help you enhance efficiency, streamline processes, and build stronger relationships with your vendors.

Procurement Management

Procurement management encompasses various processes and functionalities aimed at streamlining and optimizing the procurement lifecycle. It involves creating and processing material requests, sending quotation requests, recording vendor quotations and automating bid summaries.

Reports and Analytics

Reports and analytics provide you with valuable insights and data-driven decision-making capabilities. Our Procurement ERP reporting features help you get an idea of your inventory at any given instance. The reports include that of stock, pick and drop, inventory aging, inventory turnover and inventory discrepancy.


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About Procurement ERP

Our Story

We are a dynamic and passionate group of entrepreneurs with over 14 years of industry experience. We started as a brand called F2C, focusing on managing Facility Services and maintenance. Over time, we expanded our offerings to include Contracting, Interiors, IT Solutions, Trading, and Restaurants.Our overarching goal is to provide excellent service across all our endeavors, with a strong commitment to client satisfaction.

Our Vision

Procurement and its management are always elaborate processes that require dedicated man hours to get the work done. Our idea is to simplify this complex task by empowering you with an automated system that can organize the entire procurement operations and workflow. On a larger perspective,a simple technology that is popular yet advanced in its outcome, has been our vision and inspiration.



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Solving Your Queries through our Frequently Asked Questions.

A ProcurementERP software is a specialized software intended to simplify and mechanize the procurement procedures within a company. It combines different capabilities like managing purchase requests, overseeing suppliers, generating purchase orders, handling contracts, supervising inventory, and processing invoices in one unified platform.

Deploying a ProcurementERP provides numerous advantages, such as:
  • Enhanced output via mechanization and optimized procedures.
  • Improved expenditure and cost management.
  • Enriched transparency and up-to-the-minute understanding of procurement operations and supplier accomplishments.
  • Minimized errors and enhanced precision in procurement dealings.
  • Adherence to regulatory standards and guidelines.
  • Decision-making based on data and proficient sourcing capabilities.

Indeed,a purchasing ERP can collaborate with other systems like financial management,stock management and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.Integration enables smooth data interchange,eradicating the need for manual data input and guranteeing consistent information throughout various platforms.

The key features to contemplate while choosing a ProcurementERP consists of:
  • Request Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Contract Management
  • Invoice Processing
  • Stock Management
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Integration Abilities
  • Compliance and Risk Management

Yes,we provide extensive training and continued support for our customers to enable them to comprehend and use the system effortlessly.Instructions and training may include user manuals,online tutorials and face-to-face or virtual training sessions.

Absolutely,our ProcurementERPsystem enables the customer to access and operate it using a mobile device remotely.This allows the users to work from various offices or even beyond the physical office space.